The Post Mayor

The Post Mayor started with a mission to provide exceptionally high-quality information to the people of India in their languages. The quality of information available to the vernacular speakers of India is sub-par as compared to English. However, the number of such speakers is huge. Hindi alone is spoken by over 600 million people. With the availability of cheap mobile data and smartphones, a substantial number of this audience is coming online. However, the quality of information that is available to this audience is poor. This is where the language barrier comes in. Think of a pregnant woman sitting in some remote village in India with a Jio phone who only understands Marathi. She has access to the internet but it's close to impossible for her to find reliable information about pregnancy in the language she can understand. We are trying to solve this problem by making available high-quality informational content to this audience.

No. of Employees:  Less Than 10

Established In:   1/3/2020

Location:   Mansarovar, Jaipur-7011602655

Contact Name:   Aditya Rathore

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  Content Writer     College,Bachelors,Other School/ Graduation     Content Writing, Hindi Speaking,
We're looking for a candidate who can join our team to create content and oversee editorial strategy
185 Days ago
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