Perfality Business Solutions

Perfality Business Solutions LLP is a management support firm that provides a wide range of services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base. We manage all back-end operations of clients based in US and EU. We are committed to growing our distinctive Culture and upholding our core values which always place our client's interests first. These values are reflected in our Business Principles, which emphasize integrity, commitment to excellence, innovation and teamwork. The Support division is responsible for Import Chain Management; Management of Vendor Data and to manage records. Through careful consideration and analyses we are responsible for reporting of POs, remittances, inventory reconciliation and order status. We are responsible for reporting data in specified formats as per vendors.

No. of Employees:  25-99

Established In:   1/16/2019

Location:   21 Sudarshanpura Industrial Area, Bais godam 302015-7230985834

Contact Name:   Monica Frank